Cross-Laminated Timber

A Natural Substitute to Concrete/The Concrete from Nature

Environmentally friendly, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is the construction material of the new era. It is known for its beautiful appearance, structural strength, and fire resistance all across the world.

What is cross-laminated timber?

Cross – like in veneer, the timber planks consisting of panels are joined together at perpendicular angles to withstand cross, parallel, as well as compressive stress.

Laminated – the 60 mm-thick panel consists of three layers of timber planks. More layers can be added to improve strength or insulation properties. The planks are made of timber boards pressed and glued together using a formaldehyde-free adhesive.

Timber – the panels are usually made of spruce. The outer finishing can be made of extremely durable Siberian Larch.

The Key Benefits of Cross-Laminated Timber

Proven to be health-friendly

Ecologically sustainable

A Nordic minimalist look

No internal or external finishing needed

Good thermal and sound insulation

Cost-effective and rapid construction

Versatile architectural design

Excellent load-bearing capacity and stability

Lightweight material, which means lower foundation costs

Highly fire-resistant

See the technical properties of CLT

The world’s first high-rise building made of CLT

A great example of the strength of CLT is an 85-meter timber building in Norway.